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About our company

What isCloud mining

Mining (Mining) - the maintenance of a distributed platform and the creation of new units with the possibility to receive remuneration in the form of new units and commissions in various cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. Produce calculations required to ensure the protection from repeated spending of the same units, and the reward encourages people to spend their computing power and to support the work of networks. Mining is not the only technology creating new blocks. Alternatives are forging (mintinga) and ICO. Typically used only one technology, but in some cryptocurrencies use a combination of them.

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AboutBitminer Cloud

Team Bitmaner.cloud started its activities in 2013, but was not officially registered and was created by a group of enthusiasts with the goal of bringing production capacity for mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium where cooperation brought socratically success. In 2017, the company was officially registered as "BITMINER LIMITED" with number 10937272 and to this day provides its services in the field of cloud mining. Head office: 37 Tabernacle Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 4NJ. You can check Here